Energy-Efficient Solar Water Heaters For Residential Application

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Do you own a residential property? Likewise, other property owners, you must have some type of water heater in your home. In fact, water heaters are one of the necessary appliances in day-today life; but they are well-known for consuming a great deal of energy. You might have taken so many steps to cut down the energy costs of water heaters. However, the perfect approach to minimize your electricity consumption as well as the monthly energy bill is to invest in a solar powered water heater for domestic application. Before making a purchase of solar water heaters, it’s very important to know about these devices in detail to ensure you are making a smart investment.

No doubt, solar water heating systems are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to go green. However, a complete solar home heater installation can cost you a few dollars more.

How Does A Solar Water Heater Work

Well, a good quality solar water heater in Northern Climates will need some kind of protection against freezing. In fact, freezing can be prevented by means of a drain back. During the night, the water will drain back into the house in order to avoid freezing. Or it can be avoided through an active closed loop with a heat exchanger to transport the polypropylene fluid to the hot water. In the cold weather, the polypropylene fluid can handle the temperature below 30 without any freezing impact. Even if any malfunction occurs, the solar water heating system won’t be damaged.

Exceptional Features Of Solar Water Heaters

There are three basic components of solar water heater, like solar collector, pump section and controller and heat exchanger.

Solar Collector

Absorbs sunlight in day time and converts to heat energy.

Pump Section and Controller

Transports heat energy from the solar collector to heat exchanger during the presence of positive energy, especially on daytime.

Heat Exchanger

Transfers the useful heat energy from the glycol to potable water without mixing two fluids.

On the top of that, there is an availability of piping and fittings; which connects the whole system together to make a pressurized closed loop solar water heating system. Moreover, the heat exchanger in the solar water heater can be a specially designed water tank or can be present externally outside the tank. Both styles will work very well; but one of the amazing benefits of using internal heat exchanger is that it can offer zero heat loss.

Finding A Perfect Solar Water Heating System For Your Property

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