How to Decide the Right Size of Your Solar Water Tanks?

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Solar water tanks are containers designed in different size and capacity to add to the performance of solar water heater systems. You will have to select them according to the hot water demand or usage in your home or office.

It is mainly the heat drawing efficiency of solar water storage tanks that would decide the amount of usable hot water available for your usage. Therefore, your solar water system should have the right size solar water tank to make the most of the heat input and deliver as much hot water as you need for using in washing, cleaning, bathing etc.

Water tank selection for your solar heating system can be best made on the demand of hot water for usage. As a solar water heater user, you will have to learn about how to install solar water tanks in right size and keep up with heat input otherwise the heat efficiency of your solar system might fall. It is because the size of tank should match the heat input in order to deliver you the excellent output. You should understand that heat input is responsible for producing hot water, continuously hour after hour. The solar water tanks make it possible for you to get hot water faster and at greater speed than heater recovery. The hot water supply to the storage tank can’t start again until the highest usage period is over and heater recovery initiates for it. Having the solar water tanks in right capacity is necessary especially when huge amount of hot water is needed in a minimal possible time. If the peak hour extends beyond 2 hours, the capacity of heater recovery gains more importance.

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The sizing and performance of your solar water heating system generally involves proper calculation of the solar collector area and the solar water storage volume you will require to fulfill 90 to 100% of your domestic or commercial hot water needs. The professional contractors use computer programs and charts to decide your solar hot water system requirements and collector as well as solar water tank sizing.

To effectively size a tank storage water heating system for your office or home – along with a heat pump water heater (HPWH) with a storage tank – check and refer the water heating system’s 1st hour rating. It will inform you about the gallons of hot water your heating system can supply every hour (working together with a solar water tank filled with hot water). It relies on the storage tank capacity and heat input.

A small size water storage tank of 50 to 60-gallon capacity is normally appropriate for 1 to 2 or 3 people. A medium size tank of around 80-gallon capacity works best for 3 to 4 people family. And a tank with larger capacity will be enough for producing hot water for usage of 4 to 6 people.

For active not passive solar water heating systems, the size of the solar water tanks goes on increasing with the area of the collector — basically 1.5 gallons tank storage capacity is needed per sq ft of collector area. It overrules the overheating of the system especially when there is low demand for hot water. In bright and warm climates, some solar system specialists recommend to use as much as 2 gallons of solar water storage tank to 1 sq ft of collector area.

Be sure that solar water tanks are available in standard capacities, so you will have to pick the one coming close to your needs. If the size is little bigger, then its better to choose and use it than having one whose size is not enough for solar heating.

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