Why Do You Rely on SunRain Solar Vacuum Tube Technology?

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Solar vacuum tubes have been around since the early 1900s. But the use of solar vacuum tube in solar water heating is relatively new. When it comes to using a solar vacuum tube heating system, you must be careful as the temperatures of vacuum tubes can be as much as two times higher. This means, you need to address the overheating requirements properly to avoid damage and harm to the body. 

Solar vacuum tube technology works like a thermos bottle. This technology works on by trapping the heat inside and providing an insulating barrier against heat loss back to the air. Vacuum tubes work most effectively in cold climates, especially the areas facing freezing conditions. 

The SunRain solar vacuum tube uses a copper heat pipe present in the center of the tube. It uses special aluminum fins for transferring solar energy to the heat pipe. The pipe contains a small amount of liquid that’s under a vacuum. According to physics, the liquid under the vacuum boils at a lower temperature. 

Using this phenomenon, the liquid present inside the heat pipe boils at 30 degrees Celsius (86F) and converts to vapor. The vapor goes to the condenser bulb where it gets cooled by releasing heat through the bulb into the manifold. After that, the vacuum state changes to liquid which sinks back down the heat pipe. 

Generally, solar evacuated tubes are arranged in series pattern and every tube plugs into a copper header. In this header, heat exchange takes place and moves from the hot condenser bulb to the colder heating fluid circulated through the solar heating system. 

The copper header is well-insulated with mineral rock wool so that there’s very little heat loss to the surrounding air. The performance curve of the solar evacuated tube heating system works much better than other solar collectors.

When it comes to investing in solar water heaters, it’s necessary to make sure that the solar collectors you choose are the most powerful and the longest lasting available in the market. This is why it’s highly recommended to use the SunRain patented 3-HI solar vacuum tubes. 

The inner layer of the solar vacuum tube has absorbing coating that determines the vacuum tube efficiency for its operation. The coating method and material will define the life expectancy of a solar vacuum tube. 

Most solar evacuated tubes use a hi-tech reactive sputtering process for coating the inner tube. This coating is made from aluminum and aluminum-nitrogen coating (AL-N), useful for primary absorption. SunRain solar vacuum tube technology comes with an international patented film coating known as 3 HI. 

Three systems are used within every solar evacuated tube ensuring the most effective heat absorption. Three layers are the AL-N/AI layer, aluminum layer and a copper layer. The layers help in better heat conduction and stabilizing coating ensuring much longer durability of 20 years or more. 

SunRain evacuated tube solar collectors are considered as the most cost-effective collectors available on the market as they provide optimal performance at the competitive prices. If you really want to buy solar vacuum tube collectors, feel free to contact Latitude51 Solar at +1(800) 317-9054.

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