Why Do You Consider Switching to Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters?

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Are you a swimming pool owner? If yes, then you must be aware of the costs associated with heating swimming pools. Currently, swimming pool owners are saving $1000 in a year on pool heating costs by using solar collectors nevertheless its spring, fall or winter. These systems are able to deliver pay back within a couple of pool seasons depending on the fuel costs. 

Nowadays, evacuated tube solar collectors are used in solar pool heaters that offer endless benefits than unglazed solar pool heating systems. The evacuated tube pool heaters are capable of produce enormous amount of heat than their unglazed counterparts. 

However, unglazed solar collectors are made from rubber type materials and work only when the ambient temperature remains warmer than the swimming pool. Remember that, unglazed solar pool heating kits work really well in Florida, San Diego, Hawaii, and Las Vegas – but won’t work when the temperature remains cold. 

In fact, the evacuated tubes give so many advantages to solar pool heating systems, making them much more cost effective alternative. Generally, when it comes to heating your house, you need pumps and storage tanks. Your pool is your tank and your pool heating system has a pump. So, some of the higher cost items are not required for pool heating purposes. 

Generally, solar pool heating kits don’t have any moving parts; only water flows through the header box. The solar panels have a life of 20 years. The vacuum tubes are provided with the warranty by the manufacturer for the loss of vacuum for 15 years. Even if the vacuum fails the tube, the system still produces heat, just by making it bit less efficient. 

If a tube is broken, the solar panels continue doing its work. Only you need to do is to replace the single tube, when required. The system continues its operation seamlessly. Some types of vacuum pool heaters have water flowing through the tubes. 

If a tube breaks, it’s a bit complicated process to replace the tube. Sometimes, you need to drain down the system. But you don’t have to face this type of problem with solar evacuated tube pool heaters. 

Why Do You Switch to Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters

  • When the installation is done, the pool heating system gets free heat from the sun for heating pool, extending the swimming season. 
  • The pool can be indoor, outdoor or year round pool depending on the number of solar panels you purchase. It’s only the matter of scaling the system as per your requirements. 
  • The solar collectors are capable of producing heating even in - 40 degree Celsius days. Apart from sunlight, they operate on solar radiation and work efficiently even in the cloudy and cold days. 
  • If you’ve an indoor pool, the solar system will heat the pool even in the minus 40 degree Celsius outside temperature. 
  • The heaters heat the pool when the outside temperature is hotter than the pool. You will get to enjoy heating the pool during the depths of winter with evacuated tube solar collectors. 

Take Advantage of Solar Pool Heating Incentives –

Whether you own a hotel, a commercial pool or use pool year round, especially an outdoor pool, you should definitely consider solar pool heating system. The prices of natural gases increase 12% per year for a decade. 

If you’re using oil, propane or electricity for heating your pool, you must be aware of the huge operational costs. Currently, the government incentives are available to reduce heating costs and carbon emissions to save the environment. 

Therefore, you should invest in solar pool heaters through Latitude51 Solar. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible at  +1(800) 317-9054.

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