What are the Main Uses of Commercial Solar Water Heaters?

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Nowadays most residential owners consider investing in solar water heaters. Besides, these systems are considered as the most feasible alternatives for commercial uses. Generally, residential solar water heaters accommodate fewer demands of homeowners whereas the commercial solar water heaters are ideal for much larger demand that remains steady in their requirements. The demand remains the same exactly 365 days in a year. 

Water heating is the common process used in any commercial solar heating applications. Literally, there are so many commercial uses available where solar thermal heating systems can be applied. However, the solar water heating principle is the same in an industrial and residential application. But the only difference is a commercial water heating system is of larger size than a residential water heater. 

In fact, the industrial solar water heaters use more number of panels, large size solar panels and larger solar storage tanks. Most commercial premises have flat roofs that can be used to add a significant number of solar panels. Proper design is significant. When it comes to investing in a commercial solar heating kit, you should get in touch with a professional solar installer. 

Out of all available solar installers, Northern Lights Solar Solutions provides commercial solar water heaters for large scale commercial applications. All of the solar power kits are available in proper sizing and right operational temperatures. 

Northern Lights team uses the pre-engineered commercial solar water heating designs that allow customers to size and design a project properly. This means, you will get outstanding performance and energy efficiency without any additional engineering and project management costs. 

What are the Common Uses of Commercial Solar Water Heaters? 

There are so many uses of commercial solar powered water heating systems. Here are some of the best commercial applications discussed below:

Agriculture – Mostly, dairy and livestock industries are requiring a significant amount of hot water to sterilize the operations daily. 

Car Washes – Hot water is required for solar car washes. This is where a commercial solar water heater is used. 

Solar Laundromats – Usually, solar Laundromats require hot water. They use solar water systems. 

Hotels – Most hotels invest in commercial solar water heaters for cleaning dishes, laundry and providing hot water for the guests. 

Restaurants – Solar water heaters are used in restaurants to do the dishes. 

Breweries – A commercial water heating system is used to process heating at breweries. 

Food Processing – Typically, food processing units utilize solar waterers for sterilization. 

Apartment Complex – Apartment complexes use hot water for dishes and showers that require installing solar water heaters. 

Indoor Swimming Pool – Usually, indoor swimming pools use water heaters for heating water. 

Solar Air Conditioning – Commercial solar water heaters provide enormous heat for large scale cooling projects by using absorption chillers. 

Taking Advantage of Government Grants and Incentives –

Most governments are providing the highest grants for installing commercial solar water heating systems. If you want to evaluate how a solar water heater can be used in your business, feel free to contact Latitude51 Solar at 1 800 317 9054. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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