Solar Pool Heaters – Are They Good to Go for Pool?

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Deciding on the ideal pool heating can be an important choice. You will come across options like electric pool heaters, heat pumps, pool heaters, and solar pool heaters. Though an electric or gas pool heater is relatively affordable to buy; however over the long run becomes more expensive to operate. Even, both heating systems are not as durable or eco-friendly and energy efficient as a solar pool heater. However, a heat pump delivers relatively inexpensive operating costs on a monthly basis; but still makes the use of electricity for heat to be transferred to the pool. It’s relatively expensive to buy, but not cost effective over the long run.

When you invest in a solar pool heater, it may be relatively expensive; but deliver a higher return on investment over the long term. It needs minimal maintenance and operational costs as well as comes with long warranties. In addition to, a solar pool heating system works with the pump that you have already with your pool.
The working principle of the solar pool heater is quite simple. The heat pump starts circulating water up into the solar collectors where they get heated by the sun and then return to your pool.
The typical area of roof space required for it is around half of the sq ft area of your pool. However, a solar powered pool heating system is an ideal alternative to you, if your roof faces south, east or west with partial or minimal shade.

However, a solar pool heater is one of the most affordable and eco-friendly ways to heat your swimming pool effortlessly. This heating system generally costs around $4,000 - $5000 and the payback period remains 1.5 to 7 years, depending on the fuel cost and electricity in your area. Rest assured that, it will be a wonderful investment for your home.

Now you’ve decided to invest in a pool heater. It will be a hassle if you are unable to use it when it’s sizzling hot outside. But solar pool heaters extend the usability of your swimming pool without any additional costs on pool operation. Thanks to solar water heating technology, you can enjoy an extended swimming session with your family.
Therefore going solar is a no-brainer, if you’re in the market for a pool heater. If you are still not convinced, please check out the reasons why going solar for pool makes sense:
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