What Do You Know About Residential Solar Water Heaters?

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How Do Residential Solar Water Heaters Work?

Solar water heating systems come with solar collectors and storage tanks. There’re actually two types of solar water heating kits – active with circulating pumps and controls and passive without any of them that active systems have.

Active Solar Water Heating Systems

There are actually two types of active solar water heating kits, direct circulation and indirect circulation systems.

Direct Circulation Systems –

In the direct circulation systems, pumps circulate water through the collectors and inside the home. They operate perfectly in climates where it freezes rarely.

Indirect Circulation Systems –

In the indirect circulation systems, the pumps circulate actually a non-freezing, heat transfer fluid through the collectors and a heat exchange. They heat the water and after flows inside the home. In addition to, indirect circulation systems are ideal for climate conditions that are prone to freezing temperatures.

Passive Solar Water Heating Systems

Passive solar water heating systems are generally less expensive than their active counterparts; but they’re not as efficient. Even, the passive systems can be more reliable and may last for long. There are two basic types of passive water heating systems:

Integral Collector-Storage Passive Systems

The passive systems work well in areas where the temperature goes below freezing. They operate perfectly in the households with important daytime and evening hot water requirements.

Thermosyphon Systems

Water flows through the thermosyphon systems when the warm water emerges as the cooler water sinks. The collector should be installed below the storage tank so that the warm water will emerge inside the tank.

These systems are considered to be more reliable; but solar contractors should focus on roof design because of the heavy storage tank. Usually, they are more expensive than the integral collector-storage passive systems.

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