Why Do You Consider Using Residential Solar Water Heaters?

Published on by Latitude51 Solar

Solar water heaters make the use of solar energy from the sun for heat generation. This can be used to heat water for space heating, showering, or industrial procedures. Solar energy is the primary energy source on the planet as it’s responsible for plant growth (photosynthesis) and warm that makes the planet habitable.

Though solar water heaters have been around for over 100 years, the last 20 years have been important development in the absorber coating technologies. As a result, solar collectors can convert >50% available sunlight for residential hot water supply.

However, a solar water heater is one of the most efficient ways of reducing household’s carbon footprint by minimizing reliance on fossil fuel usage. Therefore, consider using residential solar water heaters to receive significant savings by reducing energy costs. This way, you will offset the application of electricity, gas or heating oil. for more information read us our blog https://latitude51solar.wordpress.com/2019/08/06/why-do-you-consider-using-residential-solar-water-heaters/

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