Turn Your Homes Energy Efficient by Installing Solar PV Kits

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The rise in energy bills has made people go green as much as possible. One of the most popular ways of saving energy costs and going green is installing solar PV kits to homes. So are you also thinking of adding a solar panel system to your home? Then the following tips will guide you buy the right solar panel system for your homes.

Do not get carried away by lucrative ads –

The increasing demands for solar power systems for homes have led to the introduction of several companies into this business. You can find numerous ads trying to influence buyers. However, instead of getting carried away by these ads you must look for recommendations. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbours or colleagues who have installed solar PV kits in their homes. You must ask about the brand or the company they have chosen, the quality of the service, ease of installation and any related problems. After analyzing the answers well proceed with the company or brand that you find suitable.

Choose the Right Type of On-Grid Solar PV Kit –

While buying the on-grid solar PV kits, you need to consider its various types. Mainly three different types of on-grid solar PV systems are there that address different situations that include -

  • On-grid solar kit using string inverter that best suits on the roofs without shading issues due to trees and other buildings.
  • On-grid solar kit using micro-inverter that suits the roof with shadow issues on one or more modules as well as for the roofs with different directions.
  • On-grid solar kit using power optimizer that helps in generating power even in low light and intense shadow conditions.

Do Look for Certifications –

Looking for certifications is one of the essential things that you must follow while buying a solar PV kit. As these certifications indicate, the type of testings, the system has gone through ensuring their reliability and durability.

Make Sure to Check on the Mounting System –

The best way to know how much solar panels save energy is by checking on the mounting system. There are two types of mounting systems, i.e. the flush mounting and the roof mounting. Flush mounting is an easy to install and cost-effective option whereas the roof mounting is a bit expensive but ensures the long lasting of the installed solar system.

Do not miss to check the warranty –

Warranty of the solar PV kits is one of the most important considerations that are a not-to-be-missed thing.

By keeping these few considerations in your mind while buying solar PV kits, you can get the right and best solar panel system that is suitable for your home.

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