Why Do You Consider Buying Solar Pool Heaters?

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When it comes to heating swimming pools, it costs a lot of money. But using evacuated tube solar collectors will save you around $1000 in a year on the pool heating costs. They will be ideal, especially if you want to heat the pool during spring, fall or winter. No matter what, these pool heating systems can pay you back within a couple of pool seasons relying on your local fuel costs.

More often, pool owners get confused the evacuated tube solar collectors with unglazed solar pool heaters. In reality, the evacuated tube pool heaters produce huge amounts of heat than the unglazed heaters.

In fact, unglazed pool heaters are made of rubber type materials and only work when the ambient temperature is much warmer than the swimming pool. After all, unglazed solar pool heaters work very well in Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and San Diego. This means it doesn’t work when it’s cold.

Solar Incentives for Switching to Solar Pool Heating

Do you own a hotel or commercial property with a year-round pool to use? Currently, most people love to own an outdoor pool in their commercial premises. If you are one of them, you need to look at solar pool heating now.

The price of natural gas has been increasing day after day on an average of 12% per year for a decade or more. Now the government is now providing incentives to help you reduce heating costs and save carbon emissions in the environment.

Therefore, it’s time to switch to evacuated tubes solar pool heating. Remember that if you want to heat your pool with oil, propane, or electricity, the operational costs will be huge.

With the government Incentives now available to help reduce heating costs and save carbon emissions to the environment, now is the time to add Solar Pool Heater.

What Do Solar Pool Heaters Look Like?

The evacuated tubes are round in shape; so the sun strikes every tube at different angles. The round tubes are better options for resisting strong winds than flat plate solar collectors. They usually come with a mounting frame in order to mount onto your roof effortlessly. Every 30 tube panel produces different amounts of heat depending on the place where you live.

 When Does It Make Really Sense to Use Evacuated Tube Pool Heating?

Using evacuated tube panels for solar pool heating is great. That’s because these systems costs are affordable when you compare the performance levels among different solar collectors. There are two different purposes when using evacuated tube solar pool heaters is a must:

Winter or Cold Weather Solar Pool Heating

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The evacuated tubes solar pool heaters work great for winter or cold weather, especially when the daytime outdoor temperature remains between -8 to + 55F. At times, when you want to heat an indoor or outdoor pool, you will need an evacuated tube solar pool heating systems.

Summer Pool Heating with Winter Building Heat

This is ideal for when you use and heat the swimming pool only in the warmer seasons. You can use the evacuated tubes for heat production in homes or buildings. They work really great with hydronic floor heating systems. This can help you save an amazing amount of money on heating costs at home in addition to free pool heating.

Final Consideration –

If you’re thinking to buy evacuated tubes solar pool heaters, look no further than Latitude51 Solar. We have the industry-best solar pool heating systems available for you to choose from for your requirements. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.latitude51solar.ca/.

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