Understanding Solar Hot Water Tanks

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A solar water tank is an important part of solar water heating system. The type and size of solar hot water tanks you need is often overlooked part of the solar water heaters. Because, there are so many things you need to consider while buying solar water tanks.

What are solar hot water tanks?

The solar hot water tanks work like batteries for electricity and store heat in the form of hot water. Generally, a tank is used to store the heat in hot water. The solar tanks are mainly classified into two categories – pressurized and un-pressurized.

In fact, there is another storage option people can use for solar heat. It’s possible to connect the solar collectors directly to the heating supply that is present in-floor. This heating option can work in some circumstances.

Solar water tanks

Pressurized Solar Water Tanks

Pressurized solar tanks are like the normal tanks and are heavy. They are designed to store pressurized water for your house. They keep the water entering your house from the city water that will be under pressure from the main city supply. However, an empty 80 gallon tank can weigh around 200 lbs easily.

However, you can utilize a standard tank like a Bradford White tank without internal coils and install your own external heat exchanger onto it. This could work well for a small water heating system like one or two 30 tube collectors. With this solar water tank, you will spend less money on the actual tank and will spend a bit more in money and time by adding external heat exchanger.

In fact, you can buy solar water tanks that are specifically designed for solar hot water systems featured with internal heat exchanger coils built into them. The lower coil is connected to the solar heating system whereas the upper coil can be used for connecting to a backup boiler or connecting to in-floor heating.

Solar water tanks

Investing in SolarStor Residential Solar Water Tanks

SolarStor residential solar water tanks are perfect solar tanks: but more expensive than retrofitting an ordinary tank. However, the performance will be superior as it offers additional benefits like better insulation and thermos-well ports ensuring precise water temperature readings.

There are SolarStor solar tanks that are available in three sizes – 50 gallon, 80 gallon, and 120 gallon solar tanks.

The main reason behind the difference in price between modified regular solar tanks and proper solar water tanks is often not obvious to most people. 80 gallons is 80 gallons; but the quality of the internal parts of the hot water tank can vary. Some of things you should compare:

·The length and diameter of the heat exchanger in the tanks

· Better insulation

·More ports for sensor to read the water temperatures accurately

If you’d like to invest in SolarStor solar hot water tanks, you should look no further than Latitude51 Solar. We have extensive selection of solar water tanks of different size to choose from for your residential heating applications. For more information, please visit our website.

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