Evacuated Solar Vacuum Tube has a Crucial Role in Every Solar Water Heater

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Evacuated Solar vacuum tubes are the essential parts for every solar collector, used for the functional absorption and conversion of sunlight into utilizable energy. Mostly the evacuated Solar vacuum tube is consists of two glass tubes merged at both ends. The gap between them consists of a solar absorbing coating over the inner tube. The evacuated layer provides an exceptional insulation that facilitates in preserve over 92% of the solar energy. To mention few design features of solar vacuum tube responsible for an effective solar water heater as follows.

Best quality glass material

each one of the evacuated solar vacuum tubes is prepared with tough and transparent Borosilicate glass, The thickened glass partition offer excellent durability and strength to resist breakage, as well as cost-effective.

Vacuum Insulation support

The insulation layer space between the thin glass tubes, drive out the air to form a vacuum that provides an excellent insulating property to conserve the energy without any loss to the surrounding. These are truly ideal for high hot water application, especially in cold or winter areas.

Barium Getter layer

Barium getter is responsible for increasing the lifespan of the evacuated solar vacuum tube that ensures the vacuum space inside it will remain intact over a large period, usually over 20 years of time. The Barium getter is also helping in maintaining the efficiency by sucking remaining air and other gases in the evacuated layer over time. When the vacuum is lost the barium layer turns white make easy to indicate the vacuum position.

Solar absorber coating

Every evacuated solar vacuum tube has a unique aluminum coating applied through a very reliable dc reactive sputtering process. The base layer on the inner glass tube surface will absorb as much of solar energy as possible. The stainless steel reflector surface on the solar water heater prevents heat loss through radiation thus preserve more and more energy.


Vacuum insulation in a solar vacuum tube is highly effective when it comes to preventing heat loss. The absorber coating helps to save lot of energy captured into the inner glass tube, while the vacuum layer prevents the heat lose to the surrounding. It ensures that the outer glass remains normal and can be touched. This arrangement makes the evacuated solar vacuum tube resourceful for solar water heater. It has the capacity to retain the heat about 200 degree indicates that every evacuated solar vacuum tube can provide over 60 Watts energy output on a clear shine day.

Heat extraction

Several ways are there that help to extract heat produced in an evacuated solar vacuum tube such as heat pipe, U tube pipe, direct water flow, or pipe-in-pipe. The most efficient and resourceful method is the use of heat pipe to transfer the heat.

Evacuated solar vacuum tube can be of different designs may be single walled and double walled tubes with different functions and the most preferred are the twin wall tubes since they are more efficient in a solar water heater.


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