Why Buy a Solar Vacuum Tube Collector?

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Solar vacuum tube collectors are one of the latest solar hot water technologies that are believed to be a simple and efficient form of heat source. Compared to the conventional, the solar evacuated tube collector has become more and more popular, as it reduces the supply costs, delivers high performance, good for commercial applications and proves to be reliable in cold climates too. Solar evacuated or solar vacuum tube collector offers the optimum mix or thermal performance, assures quality and proves to be cost-effective, this makes it superior.

Here are some of the best reasons to buy a well-built and top quality solar vacuum tube collector:

 1. Deliver High Performance:

Solar evacuated or solar vacuum tube collector performs better in cooler climates. The fluid in an evacuated tube system flows only through the header manifold, which minimizes the residence time and ensures high performance. Having a manifold that is very well insulated with 3” of rock wool insulation on all side, the solar or thermal evacuated vacuum tube collector proves to be highly efficient.

2. Ideal for Varied Applications:

A well built solar vacuum tube collector is ideal for many applications like solar hot water, space heating and solar pool heating etc. A top quality solar or thermal vacuum tube collector can provide optimal heating solutions even during the cloudy conditions. This type of vacuum tube collector is also ideal for boiling water and steam production.

3. Resist Freezing Conditions:

Evacuated tubes contain no water, which helps them to resist the freezing conditions. This makes the solar evacuated tubes efficient in providing heat energy even when the temperatures are -40.

4. High Heat Retention:

The curved shape of the solar evacuated or vacuum tubes allow good thermal absorption from a greater range of sun angles and permit high heat retention. The heat collected during the day can be easily retained during overcast days and through the night by the evacuated solar tubes.

5. Easy to Remove or Replace:

The solar vacuum tube fit independently in the header pipe and can be individually removed or easily replaced without affecting the entire system.

To buy a top quality and well-built solar vacuum tube collector, you can rely on Latitude51 Solar. We only supply high quality and well built solar evacuated tube collectors that are perfectly suited to the Canadian climate and Northern USA and can produce hot water even during the depths of winter. Our solar hot water collectors are used for solar water heating in residential and commercial (solar) projects. Built with the latest technology, our evacuated solar tubes can efficiently capture about 94 percent of the sun rays.

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