Why Do You Install Evacuated Tubes Solar Pool Heaters?

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Does your swimming pool cost you a lot of money to heat up? Just invest in evacuated tubes solar pool heaters. But why? You mightn’t know as they will save you $1000’s per year on your pool heating costs!

Nevertheless of the season type – be it spring or fall or even winter, these pool heating systems will pay back within a couple of pool seasons. Sounds amazing right!!

Still, not convinced? Want to know more about evacuated tubes solar pool heaters? Let us help you out.

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What Is Exactly Evacuated Tubes Solar Pool Heater –

The evacuated tubes solar pool heating systems are the more recent development than the conventional yet more common flat plate collector. They have become more and more popular day after day.

Particularly, it’s due to their fewer supply costs, high performance and reliability in cold climates, residential applications and of course their attractive appearance.

Why Should You Install Solar Pool Heaters –

  • Installing evacuated tubes solar pool heater can use the free solar energy to heat the pool and extend your swimming season.
  • Depending on the number of solar panels, your pool can be indoor, outdoor or year-round. It’s just a matter of scaling the solar system to best suit your requirements and preferences.
  • Evacuated tubes solar collectors produce heat even in – 40 Degree Celsius. They can work on solar radiation, not just sunlight. So, even during cloudy and cold days, they can produce heat for your pools.
  • These solar heaters not only work on warm sunny days likewise general flat unglazed collectors, but they will heat the water pool even during the depths of winter.
  • When it comes to heating your house, you may require pumps and tanks. But when it comes to solar pool heating, your pool is your tank and your pool heating system has a pump already. So an extra pump isn’t needed for pool heating.
  • The solar pool heaters don’t contain any moving parts. The solar panels are likely to last 20 years and more. However, the vacuum tubes are warranty by the manufacturer on the loss of vacuum for 15 years. Even if the vacuum fails, the tube can still produce the heat.
  • If in case, one vacuum tube gets broken, then the solar panel continues working. After all, only a single tube is required to be replaced when you get a chance. But your system will continue working.

There are some types of vacuum pool heaters available, involve water flowing through the tubes. When one tube breaks down, it becomes more complicated to replace the broken tube. Sometimes, the solar pool heating system needs to be drained down first. But you don’t have this type of problem with evacuated cubes solar pools heaters comprising of a heat pipe design.

Solar pool heaters are a go-green invention to keep the environment carbon free, use natural source as much as possible, reduces the utility figure, Sustainable for the times to come.

Conclusion –

Seeking for an energy-efficient, high-standard solar pool heating solution for pools? It’s time to invest in evacuated tubes solar pool heaters at Latitude51 Solar – a reputable and reliable supplier of solar heating and PV systems.

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