Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters : Why They are Considered Best for Year-Round Swimming?

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When there are solar pool heaters in your home, you can enjoy swimming all year round. Think how pleasant it would feel to enjoy a refreshing soak with your family in all seasons including spring, fall and winter. Sounds interesting, don’t you like to experience it on your own?  

Solar pool heaters are a worthy part of your household when it comes to keep your body warm and comfortable during a bath. For extending the time that you and your family can spend in the swimming pool, you have many options in pool heating like gas pool heaters, electronic pool heaters and solar pool heaters. But using a solar pool heater will help you easily maintain your pool heating needs, save on the energy bills and keep the environment away from pollution. Your family will also enjoy a longer swimming season in outdoor area.

Solar pool heaters are based on the most widely used technology of heating your pool by using the sun’s free energy. If you are a pool owner, you might be aware of the basic mechanism that makes these heaters perform effectively - dark colored materials soak the sunlight better and get warmer faster. In these heaters, an array of tiny black plastic tubes was used in different size to heat up the pool water earlier. But this method of pool heating led to leaking problem and put additional pressure on the pool pump to ultimately get replaced by more effective flat plate collectors and vacuum tube collectors. With considerable advantages now experienced with solar vacuum tubes in cool and cloudy weather condition, you can consider investing in evacuate tube solar pool heaters that perform at its best until late in the afternoon and have much better lasting value.

The evacuated tube solar pool heaters are pumped systems relying on a titanium heat exchanger to circulate heat to pool water rather than using an array of heat absorbing tubes.

The round shaped vacuum tubes in these systems are able to trap sunlight from different angles and resist strong winds unlike flat plate collectors. They include a special heat transferring liquid which evaporates into gas especially when comes in the contact of the heat coming from sunrays. The evaporated gas travels faster to the heat exchanger and passes on heat energy to the pool water, then gets back to its liquid form and flows into the tubes to resume its work again. This process occurs repeatedly until the pool heats up properly.

Evacuated tube solar pool heaters are the most efficient and advanced pool heating systems offering the following advantages:

  1. There is no risk of chlorine related damage occurring with the evacuated tube solar pool heaters. They are designed not to come in contact with corrosive chlorine from the pool system and with the use of a closed heating loop, they can last around 20 years.
  2. Solar evacuated tube pool heaters are found to be 50% more efficient than flat plate collector heaters. 
  3. These pool heaters perform in windy, frosty and cloudy climate condition.
  4. Easy to setup and offer the best possible solar heating without any need of storage tank.
  5. Evacuated tube solar pool heaters save thousands of dollars per year on pool heating cost.
  6. They need little maintenance and have great lasting value.
  7. While removing the possibility of carbon emission to the ecosystem, they bring government incentives in some states.

Whether you are looking to have an extended swimming season or the best return on solar pool heating investment, consider going through evacuated tube solar pool heaters of Latitude51 Solar. Make sure to contact us at 1 800 317 9054 now - the opportunity to extend your swimming season is waiting for you!

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